7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Handmade Gold Jewellery

Posted by Admin on July, 09, 2019

Handmade gold jewellery is late on fire! The personal attention and love that artisans and makers impart into their work is prominent in the masterpieces they craft. But most of you do not understand how handmade gold jewellery makes more of an investment than the other machine-made gold jewellery. There are a lot of reasons which can justify the fact.

This article wants to break down everything regarding this. Read it till its end to know some key things which you may not know about jewellery, specially the handmade gold nose pins, earrings, rings, etc.

1. No involvement of mass production machinery

If you go by its definition then it is simply made by the hands through its makers. The gold pieces are cut, joined, shaped, and fixed without using the bulk-produced manufacturing machinery. The manufacturers and handmade gold nose pin exporters make sure that they can prepare hundreds of jewellery pieces every hour which an artisan can prepare only one or a couple of pieces in equal time.

2. The value of time

Since no machines are required in making ‘handmade’ gold jewellery, obviously it takes an unbelievable amount of time for preparing a single piece of jewellery. The artisans require hours of concentration and hard effort to produce one exclusive piece of gold nose pin for their client. Hence, when you will buy one you will certainly understand the value of time!

3. The maker’s process

Obviously, the artisans possess an intimate relationship with every single piece of their created design. It is their designing process that adds or defines the value of the jewellery pieces. The maker’s whole energy goes into producing lines and curving the design patterns into their creation.

4. Raw materials

The handmade nose pin exporters keep a great care in valuing the raw materials i.e. the purity of gold which is a prime concern for the handmade piece of jewellery. A mass amount of gold alloys are blended together to produce the costume pieces so they can be dirty, hence the makers put an extra effort to maintain the purity of the used metal. They purchase the raw materials from highly reputable and veteran vendors in the market.

5. Sustainability

As mentioned before, the makers remain dedicated to the sustainability of their production and thus use ethically sourced materials. And, remember, maintaining ethical values can be costly for their business. Whereas, purchasing the materials from any dealer who offers an affordable deal, is an easy route for them.

6. Quality

It is obvious that when a single piece of item is getting produced in longer time duration, it is definitely of higher quality, as from start to finish the total process remains controlled and can easily be tracked. Thus the makers of handmade jewellery remain proud of their productions.

7. Local things made of love and passion

Buying local things is buzzing in the country. In fact, supporting the local makers of gold jewellery is better than increasing carbon footprints; it is good for the environment too. The manufacturers infuse their total energy and love in making every single piece of jewellery. Remember, with a bit of extra value you are getting an actual one-of-a-kind piece of handmade jewellery.

So, next time consider buying an exclusive piece of handmade gold nose pins from any of the dignified and exporters only.

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