5 Things To Consider Before Investing In Gold Jewellery

Posted by Admin on October, 31, 2019

From ancient times, gold has always remained on top of priority, especially for women. Who does not like to wear gold jewellery? It symbolizes their social status. And, besides that, it makes a good investment too. And, when ‘Dhanteras’ arrives, irrespective of their genders, there is a visible rush every year for buying gold among most people. This festival time of wealth is considered as a positive time for gold investment. Gold jewellery exporters make maximum profit this time of the year.

Gold has a world-wide recognition for being an excellent investment and it adds liquidity to the owners. Although the value of gold remains variable all through the year, during Dhanteras, it has to get a lowered bit. Before buying this yellow metal from any of the gold jewellery suppliers in Tamil Nadu or in any part of the country, you need to be careful about some key facts which are discussed below.

Important things to consider before investing in gold jewellery:

• Print of hallmark

Buyers are always advised to purchase hallmarked gold jewellery only. According to the standards set by the Indian government, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmark is the only agency that can certify the purity of gold. This certification is mandatory to identify the exact value of gold.

• Purity of gold

The exact price of gold can be decided depending on the purity of this yellow metal. Gold’s purity is measured in karats. For example – 24 carat gold implies 99.9% purity and 22 karat gold implies 92% purity. But most of the gold jewellery is prepared with 18 karat gold due to the factor of increasing durability. It remains 75% pure

• Associated costs

Gold brings investment value. People should remember that gold comes with the associated costs including the bank locker rentals, easy reselling and erosion charges.

• The exact price of gold

Though the purity of gold is a big deciding factor for finalizing the value of gold, market rates of this yellow metal is another big concern which changes every day. Thus when you go for gold jewellery shopping in any parts of India, the store-owners display the bullion rates on a daily basis so that their customers can have a clear idea about how much they need to pay. The rate shown by a gold jewellery manufacturer in Coimbatore can be different from the daily value of gold in other cities.

• Weight of the gold

If the precious stones including emerald and diamond are embedded in the gold jewellery, it makes the metal heavier. Apparently, the sellers measure the gold jewellery along with the embedded stones which could show heavyweight of the gold jewellery. Hence, it is necessary to weigh the gold individually so that its exact weight can be found. This is important for determining the proper price of the purchased gold jewellery. When you are going to resell it, remember that the jeweller will count for its original weight only but not the weight of the stones attached to it.

So, the next time you are going to buy gold jewellery for you, consider all these points to make a good buy.

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