Handmade Jewellery: How The Process Happens?

Posted by Admin on January, 15, 2020

Do you know that handmade jewellery is the finest jewellery of this world? The jewellery artisans fabricate the ‘handmade jewellery’ from raw materials such as gold or platinum and use tools which need to be operated by hands only.

A few things about handmade jewellery:

It is considered that the art of making handmade jewellery is a lost art today as it requires high skilled labour to control those manual tools. To transform the pieces of precious gemstones and metals into a unique work of art is a difficult task which requires training and hard work. This is the main reason why jewellery connoisseurs across the world consider handmade jewellery as the standard for craftsmanship of the handmade ladies gold ring manufacturers and others.


In the earlier times, jewellery was made using hands only, which means moulding the metals to bring those into shapes, and again fixing the precious gemstones into them was performed exclusively by hands only and not using any machines.

In today’s time, with the advent of technology, jewellery artisans and bench jewellers use a range of machines equipped with modern technology. This is important from business perspective. The use of machines is the only way to quickly serve huge clients’ demands. Technology helps the manufacturers to craft every masterpiece in a much shorter turnaround time than the handmade jewellery pieces.

Handmade jewellery:

Every piece of handmade jewellery offered by the artisans is crafted with unique ideas. From where do the ideas or inspirations come? It can be acquired from different fields of life like from the tree of your garden to the kitchen area. The artisans get visions from anywhere and anything.

Handmade jewellery is still shining with glory! It’s due to the magical charisma of the handmade jewellery makers. Those unique pieces are still prepared by the ‘karigars’. Today, the handmade ladies gold ring suppliers and others use a tiny bit of modern techniques to execute a flawless amalgamation of the new and the old. The karigars in India sit patiently for hours to mould every gold bar to offer the desired shape by constant heating and cooling.

Handmade process:

First, the metal piece (gold, silver, platimum, etc.) is heated and a block is prepared by moulding it. The extreme heat restores the malleability of the metal which makes it easier to work with the metal.

It is then moved on an iron wheel, which is called ‘patti’. The metal block is rolled now under its heavy wheels to produce wires or sheets of different forms which are required to make the desired piece of jewellery.

After achieving the proper thickness, it is then transferred to the karigar’s work table and they make the base or ‘supti’ there. It is actually prepared to hold the gemstone later. All the elements required to get fixed with the final jewellery is prepared at this stage. These pieces will be soldered together at the last stage. Soldering is the process to glue all the elements together using heat.

When you are going to buy handmade ladies gold ring from a supplier, remember to check for his certification for assurance.

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