Process Of Casting Gold Jewellery

Posted by Admin on July, 10, 2020

Casting gold jewellery has been a process of manufacturing jewellery for many years. In this process, the gold is melted and cast into the wax molds. With the help of advanced technology, molding the gold into the cast has become easier and simpler. Different kinds of jewellery are made through this process such as engagement rings, casting gold earrings, wedding rings, etc. The whole process of casting gold jewellery can be tedious as the jeweller needs to be accurate with the designs and styles. Here is the process of casting.

Wax Molding and Casting
Most of the casting of gold jewellery can only be done with wax to avoid any scratches. A design is decided for the earring or any other type of jewellery. Once the design has been decided, a wax mold is carved out. Some jewellery makers also print these molds to make the process faster with the help of a 3D printer or machine. The molds are then connected by a sprue. This helps in putting the molten gold into the mold.

Use of Investment Material
Flask is used to attach the wax stem and other models. It is surrounded by an investment material. This material needs to be set before it hardens the mold for the jewellery. A soft mold can result in a design of the jewellery that may not be the one you decided on.

Burning Out the Wax
Once the investment material is hard, it is then put in a special kiln to melt away the wax. This leaves a space or a hole which is then used as a final mold for jewellery items.

Melting Process
The gold is melted into the final mold. Usually, gold is mixed with other components to make it sturdy and give different colours. The amount of the other components depends upon the design that the jeweller has chosen.

The Casting Process
Various techniques are followed to cast the melted gold into the mold. However, it is important that high-quality casting is done to get the best results.

Removing the Metal from the Mold
The final process involves removing the metal from the mold. Hence, the metal must be cooled down completely before it is being removed. This can be done through various processes such as chemical or physical.

Choosing the Right Casting Gold Earrings Suppliers
Though this process seems to be easy and quick, it is a complex process. Hence, many jewellers who have their workshops for manufacturing these pieces of jewellery use the latest technology for this purpose. Hence, when you are choosing a supplier for your casting gold earrings, the supplier must be aware of what kind of technology and process the manufacturer has used.

Most of the casting gold earrings exporters and suppliers have the complete information on the process and quality of the earrings. You can contact them and get the necessary information before you place your order. Since they have various designs, you can be assured that you are getting the product of your choice in bulk at the most competitive price.

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